TFAH Values Statement

Equity: We prioritize the necessity of achieving equity in all of our work, promoting optimal health for all with a focus on upstream, social determinants.

Independence: We are dedicated to pursuing our mission and vision without constraints as a philanthropy-funded, non-membership organization.

Evidence-based: We insist on rigorous review of existing and emerging science; we convene and engage the best and brightest experts to inform our positions.

Trust: We pursue our work with the highest integrity and our independence and evidence base make us credible with organizations and individuals across the political spectrum.

Partnerships: We invest in the establishment and maintenance of trusted partnerships with organizations and individuals whenever possible to inform our work, share our experiences and strengthen our overall impact.

Innovation: We thoughtfully pursue and advance targeted innovations that improve the public health enterprise.

Financial stewardship: We are transparent and accountable in all of our financial management and decision-making.

* The notion of working “upstream” in the public health context refers to addressing those conditions or behaviors that often lead to negative health consequences.