TFAH Annual Reports

TFAH's Annual Reports include highlights of the year's activities and accomplishments and messages from the TFAH Board of Directors Chair and President and CEO. A summary of TFAH's funding and expenses can also be found in each annual report.

Chair's Message

Everyone in America should have the opportunity to live a healthy life.

Welcome to the Trust for America’s Health’s (TFAH) 2019 Annual Report. I am pleased to share this summary of TFAH’s work.

During this past year TFAH worked to ensure that every person and community were free from threats to their health and had access to those opportunities and resources that support health and well-being.

A strong public health system, policies that address the social determinants of health, and those that advance health equity are key to ensuring that every person and every community can thrive. TFAH works to inform and advance policies that are based in science. We support the need for a robust and well-resourced public health infrastructure and workforce. We support policies that recognize and seek to correct the ways in which structural racism has harmed and continues to harm health within communities of color and the overall health of the nation.

These are ambitious goals, and we recognize that there is much work yet to be done. I’m also proud to report that our commitment to achieving these goals is just as big.

In closing, I want to express my sincere thanks for the dynamic leadership of the TFAH Board of Directors and its executive staff, President and CEO, John Auerbach and Executive Vice President and COO, Dr. J. Nadine Gracia. Due to their efforts and expertise the organization is well-positioned to continue to make progress toward an America in which no person’s health is negatively determined by their race or zip code. I also want to thank our generous funders. Their support enables TFAH to do its important work.

Gail Christopher, D.N.

2019 Annual Report