How the 10 Essential Public Health Services Align with the AFPHS 6Cs Framework for Supporting Healthy Aging

This brief illustrates the alignment between Age-Friendly Public Health Systems’ 6Cs Framework for Supporting Healthy Aging and the 10 Essential Public Health Services. Taken together, both frameworks give public health practitioners tools to support healthy aging.

(Washington, DC – March 18, 2024) –  The Age-Friendly Public Health Systems (AFPHS) 6Cs Framework was developed to provide broad guidance on how the public health field can advance services and policies that support the health and wellness of older adults. Trust for America’s Health, in partnership with The John A. Hartford Foundation, began developing the framework in 2017 as the percentage of adults over the age of 65 has grown exponentially. With health equity at its center, the six core tenets of the framework can help health departments leverage multi-sector partnerships to build age-friendly systems.

The 6Cs Framework, taken with the 10 Essential Services of Public Health (EPHS), a widely established rubric for building successful public health infrastructure gives, practitioners and health agencies a roadmap for creating the community conditions that lead to optimal health.

Both frameworks share several commonalities, including a focus on equity. This brief provides a detailed breakdown of how each tenet of the 6Cs Framework compliments one or more core functions of the 10 Essential Public Health Services and includes examples of existing state and local government efforts.


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