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North Dakota

Population (2019): 762,062 thousand

North Dakota’s public health outcomes stack up unevenly against those of the United States, but it has taken several steps that strengthened its preparedness for public health emergencies. Deaths owed to drug misuse, alcohol, or suicide trail the country as a whole. Its rates of obesity and related conditions indicate a mixed picture, with the percentage of adults with obesity higher than the U.S. median, even as rates of diabetes and hypertension rank low and in the middle of the pack, respectively. Finally, the state achieved a score of six out of a possible 10 measures of public health preparedness for diseases, disasters, and bioterrorism.

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Percent of population (age 6 months or older) who received seasonal flu vaccination, 2021-22

Middle Tier

Public health emergency preparedness performance tier (High, Middle, Low), 2022


Percent of adults who have hypertension, 2021


Percent of adults who have diabetes, 2021


Percent of children age 10-17 who have obesity, 2019-20


Percent of adults who have obesity, 2021


Deaths related to alcohol, drugs, or suicide (per 100,000), 2021


Suicide deaths (per 100,000), 2021


Drug-related deaths (per 100,000), 2021


Alcohol-related deaths (per 100,000), 2021

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