Boston Children’s Hospital Community Asthma Initiative


The Community Asthma Initiative (CAI), an initiative of Boston Children’s Hospital, began addressing health disparities in Boston neighborhoods impacted by asthma in 2005. CAI provides an enhanced model of care which includes asthma education and home visits for families with children ages 2–18 living in the Greater Boston area who were previously treated in the Emergency Department (ED) or hospitalized as a result of asthma. CAI works with partners and coalitions to address asthma health disparities by implementing changes in policies at the local and state levels. As of June 2014, case management had been provided to 1,329 patients with significant outcomes including: a 57 percent reduction in the number of children with ED visits; a 79 percent reduction in hospitalizations; a 43 percent reduction in missed school days; and 43 percent reduction in missed work days for parents. CAI is supported in part by grants, several foundations, philanthropy, Centers for Disease Control REACH US Program, American Academy of Pediatrics, the Office of Community Health at Boston’s Children’s Hospital and others. To read more about this innovative program, see this brief summary [link].