Corporation for Supportive Housing


The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) provides capital, expertise, information, and innovation to transform how communities use housing solutions to improve lives of vulnerable populations. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in New York City with staff stationed in more than 20 locations throughout the country, CSH’s work focuses on capacity-building, policy and advocacy, supportive housing technical assistance and housing development, and demonstrating pilot initiatives to build evidence. One of CSH’s most effective pilots is the Frequent Users of Health Services Initiative, a six-year, $10 million pilot that sought to deliver innovative, integrated approaches to meet the health, housing, and social service needs of frequent users of emergency departments and inpatient hospitalization. Program results included a 27 percent drop in inpatient hospitalization versus a 26 percent increase for those not connected to housing. In addition, those in supportive housing experienced a 34 percent drop in emergency room visits compared to only a 12 percent drop among those not in supportive housing. In 2011, CSH was awarded $2.3 million over two years by the federal Corporation for National and Community Service and is using these funds to invest in supportive housing models that provide cost-effective solutions for people with complex health needs and facing housing crises. CSH funding comes from a mix of roughly 150 foundations, corporations, public agencies, investment income, and gifts from individual donors. Read the summary brief to learn more about this innovative program.

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