May is Mental Health Month


Mental Health Month is an appropriate time to talk about programs and policies that support the health and well-being of Americans throughout the year.  TFAH reports focus on evidence-based programs and policies that, if enacted or expanded, will help all residents enjoy optimal health and well-being.

Pain in the Nation is a series of reports created by TFAH and the Well Being Trust to call attention to the tragic epidemics of alcohol, drug and suicide deaths – and suggest solutions. More than 150,000 Americans died from alcohol- and drug-induced causes and suicide in 2017—more than twice as many as in 1999 – including sharp increases in synthetic opioid deaths.  Policy action on these deaths of despair epidemics is imperative. Read more.

Promoting Health and Cost Control in States. This new report considers the important ways life circumstances outside the healthcare sector impact health.  It recommends 13 policy actions that data show if enacted by states would improve health and well-being for all residents. Read more.

Health Equity is the equal opportunity for everyone to enjoy optimal health. TFAH has identified programs and policy recommendations that if enacted in more communities would help address the disparities that are barriers to healthy living for too many people. Read more.