Your Individual Donation to TFAH Will Help Advance Everyone’s Health


The last 22 months have demonstrated the urgent need to transform our public health system. As you know, we critically need to invest in modern data systems, grow the public health workforce and invest in disease prevention. But none of those investments will be effective until the nation addresses economic disparities, racism and the social determinants of health.

TFAH has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to help address the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve been a resource to policymakers, published policy briefs, gave congressional testimony, hosted webinars and provided news media with important data and context. We have and continue to advise Congress on the importance of devoting pandemic recovery funds to modernize the public health system.

We have spoken out firmly on issues of health equity. And we continue to publish our highly regarded reports on emergency preparedness, public health funding, deaths of despair, and obesity. In addition, our new initiatives in the areas of climate change and health and an age-friendly public health system continue to grow in footprint and impact.

As the challenges before the public health system continue to grow the need to expand our work does too. We are not a membership organization, and we don’t seek government or corporate funding – all to preserve our independent voice. Your support as an individual donor will allow us to continue to drive positive change and give everyone the opportunity to lead a healthy life.