PHACCS Policy Resources

The PHACCS initiative identifies 13 policies for good health that look beyond healthcare, part of a larger effort to foster cross-sector collaboration, because changes in numerous policy areas can impact the population’s well-being and states’ ability to control costs. The policies provide a menu of options for state leaders to explore as they consider how to best use their state’s resources to improve the health and well-being of their population.

The resources table below provides unique resources for each of the PHACCS 13 recommended policies. The resources include: policy briefs that include a description of the policy, a summary of health and economic evidence, and key takeaways for unique stakeholder groups; an interactive legal data map outlining the key components of the policy; and a three slide PowerPoint presentation for your use.


Goal 1: Support the Connections Between Health and Learning
1a.  Universal Pre-Kindergarten Programs
Policy Brief | PowerPoint Slides

1b. Enhancing School Nutrition Programs and Standards
(Policy brief coming soon) | PowerPoint Slides 

Goal 2: Employ Harm-Reduction Strategies to Prevent Substance Misuse Deaths and Related Diseases
2a. Syringe Access Programs
Policy Brief | Legal Analysis | PowerPoint Slides 
Goal 3: Promote Healthy Behavior
3a. Smoke-Free Policies
Policy Brief | PowerPoint Slides 

3b. Tobacco Pricing Strategies
Policy Brief | Legal Analysis | PowerPoint Slides | Webinar Recording 

3c. Alcohol Pricing Strategies
Policy Brief | PowerPoint Slides 

Goal 4: Promote Active Living and Connectedness
4a. Complete Streets
Policy Brief | PowerPoint Slides
Goal 5: Ensure Safe, Healthy, and Affordable Housing for All
5a. Housing Rehabilitation Loan and Grant Programs
(Policy brief  coming soon) | PowerPoint Slides

5b.Rapid Re-Housing Programs/Housing First
Policy Brief  | PowerPoint Slides

Goal 6: Create Opportunities for Economic Well-being
6a. Earned Income Tax Credit
Policy Brief | PowerPoint Slides

6b. Earned Sick Leave
Policy Brief | PowerPoint Slides

 6c. Paid Family Leave
Policy Brief  | PowerPoint Slides 

6d. Fair Hiring Protections (Ban the Box)
Policy Brief | PowerPoint Slides